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Villa design to people-oriented, for people to design heart-oriented

    The case designer does not care about the surface form, not rigidly adhere to the so-called style, only to project the eyes to the owners of the soul, to see their deep-seated spiritual aspirations and consciousness of a high degree of harmony in the philosophy of life. This home is like a dream, a romantic, pure, beautiful "first dream" , this dream carries the memory of this middle-aged couple to love each other, the mark of half a lifetime of love, to their expectations.

    The space of the sitting room is dignified and atmospheric, the first floor and the second floor are perfectly natural. The designer brings the beauty and character of the structure itself into full play. Between the East, West, South and North, the integration of the air field, perfect unity. There is a kind of natural rhythm of movement between the hard structure and the soft furniture line collocation.
    The pure white is chosen as the main color of this dream paradise. With warm Beige, elegant coffee and soft gray-white, the designer creates a pure and beautiful picture, which sets the feeling and tone of the whole villa space. Unified Color Harmony into one, the relationship between light and dark has caused, varying degrees of depth.

    The edges and corners of the boundary are weakened by soft fillet treatment, and the edges are refined and rounded by pure copper metal on the top surface, pure copper metal on the white wood wallboard and pure copper metal on the ground marble. The unified and harmonious design technique, the noble and elegant material collocation, the exquisite construction craft, depict an idealized pure, sweet, noble and rich artistic space.

    The designer is a dream maker, in the way to make this dream come true, because of the gap between dream and reality, the entire design of the way to restore the difficulties. Such as the first floor into the house and the first floor of the hall TV background wall, the width of three millimeters of copper and marble hand-over process; For example, white natural marble and copper inlay, and prevention of Marble Moisture Alkali advanced technology. The whole thing's GonNa be hard to put back together. But restoring this "first dream" is the "first heart" of the designer. After repeated research and experiments and hard work day and night, the designer has always overcome the reality with his dream, let this "first dream" perfect presentation, exquisite restoration.

    In contrast to a layer of space aesthetic romantic, high-end elegant, negative layer of the feeling more comfortable and natural, close to life. The designer will daily home life of miscellaneous trivialities into a whole, skillfully put the kitchen, dining room, living room into a whole. Let the negative one floor of space to be used reasonably and skillfully, improve the negative one floor of the utilization and expand the area of activities. This layer of lighting design is from light to dark, natural light and artificial light combined with scientific design.

    The walls of both the girls'and boys'rooms are decorated with breathable latex paint, while the girls'rooms are decorated with comfortable and fresh bed accessories in a lovely shade of pink. The boy room carries on collocation with Gray Blue and sandy beach color, have the feeling of the sea general relaxed nature.

    The owner and his wife have never forgotten their first dream, so happiness is the smile on their face, happiness is the satisfaction of their world. So the third floor space to people-oriented open bold treatment, so that the entire space of international, elegant and fashionable notes flow in which, poetic romantic feeling in the air ripple.

    Space is a powerful force lies in the overall unity, in the whole design of all the square corners are a quarter of a perfect circle of chamfering treatment, the top, wall, ground three-dimensional integration. The floor's herringbone floor and white marble are also seamlessly stitched together with the overhead side of the design.
    Looking back on the road, long years, in a hurry Shaohua, also can not forget, just together when the pure, pure and beautiful dream. This "first dream" is more precious in life, all happiness comes from the protection of this "first dream" . Designers will be this "first dream" has a wonderful way to restore the reality, a dream-like general tender, sweet, happy space to restore the couple, so that the "first dream" with the rest of their lives.

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