How to find the right sofa

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Update time : 2018-06-08 17:36:15

Color does not seem to matter much more than options such as crafts, fabrics, etc. that can verify quality.But you must know that when your eyes perceive objects for the first time, the effect of color accounts for 70%.Similarly, color is also an important element in shaping the home style, especially when it is reflected in large furniture such as sofas.

Case1: Your house has a distinct hue. Please choose the same color or black and white gray sofa;
Case2: If you haven't thought about color, choose whatever color you like. The sofa belongs to the center piece of furniture. That is to say, other things to match its color are also completely free of problems.

Grey may be a better choice between white and dark. 

You can also take a fresh and lively mashup to break the calm of the living room.

As long as a bright color can create the visual focus of the entire space

Cortex brown sofas are the easiest to convey retro style

Of course, in the end you still have to really experience it

1 Sit down and feel, your experience will not be deceptive, when you stand up and pay attention to whether the resilience of the sofa is good
2 Observe the details of the process, the alignment is neat, the edge is flat, and the shape is symmetrical

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